HarmoniousLife Philosphy:

Brand = Value + Differentiation

...my first "official" venture started in 1991 selling security products throughout Memphis, TN, t-shirts to campus groups, and leadership seminars to southeastern Greeks...later working in Silicon Valley, I decided to formalize my ventures and life which eventually yielded the HarmoniousLife Philosophy, the "at work" world of Bluewater, and the "at play" world of Sundown...

-Bill Johns

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Bill Johns, MBA, MPA

11803 Kingston Pike, Suite #107

Knoxville, TN 37934


 office:  865.671.4358

 email:  staff@billjohns.com


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"A philosophy of living in freedom, without worries and in harmony with nature, people, and the unknown." - Bill Johns, Founder & Visionary
"Solutions for ventures, companies, communities, and individuals." - Bill Johns, Founder & CEO
"Multi-media solution and product offerings for all free thinkers." - Bill Johns, Founder & CEO
"Lifestyle solutions for busy professionals and cool folks who enjoy life, liberty, and happiness."            - Bill Johns, Founder & CEO
"Community leadership!" - Bill Johns, Co-Founder


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